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Ozucar Mutfak Esyalari San. Tic.Ltd.Sti. which is a 100% local funded company established in 1996 have been active on stainless steel sector since and after intitutionalisation in a short time continued manufacturing in kitchenware sector determining the market . After market searches, without any comprimising from the quality succeeded to make two well known brands which meet all sections ; -Prime quality products brand “ HIRA CELIK “ -Mid-level quality products brand “ZARIF” Dispite all the crisis in the country, the company keeps growing swiftly in production network renovating herself with the newest tecnology investments and never comprimising the quality. Adding new unique models to the rich product portfolio, the company is exporting to “Middle East“ her own product without any interruption to supply local market. The designs of the unique models are made within the company with the design team and presenting trendy products every year to the market. We have three principles which we never swerved that brought us where we are; HONESTY QUALITY GUARANTEE Since top companies headed to import our management team which follow the market very well decided to open our showroom in ISTOC in 2002 . Ozucar is increasing the marketshare day by day with the increasing product portfolio with special new designs . OUR VISION Bringing our brands to well known and wanted brands in Turkey and abroad increasing the product portfolio by being one of the top companies of export. OUR MISSION To present our wide product range without comprimising from the quality to our valued clients.

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