Parametre As Co ; attended business life in the end of 2000 years…… as a big family financial company in Izmir. During this years ; we became one of the most important financial company in many financial companies with realizing empathy firstly, recognizing customers as partnership. Also; Parametre As Co has been working for benefit & success of customers for long years. After a few years ; the world and economical conditions had been changed ; with this alternation, we had been changed then increased with new project about exporting. Parametre As Co put a branch in Istanbul and started to work with many countries mainly; Egpyt, Libya, Algeria, Tunusia, Morocco, Bahrain, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Africa………. After showed range to customers; Parametre showed itself to many companies, customers in the all world with honest business, same way, same business, proffesional business style……… We are your agency in Turkey. We have been working for long years and will work in same. Main products of us ; ADULT DIAPER, BABY DIAPER, WET WIPES. With experience , effort, grand, value ; we put our sign and effort to associations in Turkey and we will put more long years….. Parametre As Co is best financial company best disposable product company best agency of customer (OF YOU) PARAMETRE DID BEST UNTIL NOW, WILL DO BEST AFTER NOW! OUR BIGGEST TARGET IS ; WORKING FOR LONG YEARS WITH SAME SYSTEM WITH OUR PROFFESIONAL TEAM. WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

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