In our R&D studies, we have set ourselves as a target of the least range of products with a maximum solution options. With our innovative designs combined with unique color options, we are also using protective tape on our every product in order to carry our high quality from manufacturing to the hands of end users. Due to our optimum cost management, we offer luxury aluminum profiles with savings up to 50% compared to our competitors in the market. Once we have received sufficient order quantity, we can manufacture special length profiles for our customers. In this way, we can support the final user with minimum wastage on their applications. With the use of full length products, we offer easy way of applications without cutting to the size, therefore the end user will not have any connection points which will also contribute to the aesthetic appearance. When the sufficient order quantity acquired, we can provide different product solutions even if they are not in our retail product portfolio. With our learning business philosophy, we are open for any suggestions that you believe which will make your work easier during the application processes. As a result of our R&D studies, we continue to add aesthetic with our patented products to Quality, Cost and Solution triangle. Our slogan is, “PROTRIM ADDS AESTHETIC TO LIVING SPACES”.

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