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Sanko Towel’s production facilities were established in 1998 . Sanko Towel and Bathrobe factory is fully integrated with weaving , dyeing and cutting & stitching machines. Sanko Towel operates in 55.000 square meter closed area with capacity of 5.000 tons/year . The capacity of the factory is 76 looms ( 40 jacquard looms and 36 dobby looms ) with 450 tons/month weaving ; 15 tons/day piece dye , 15 tons/day yarn dye .Sanko Towel operates its own in house yarn and dyeing plant which contributes to successful manufacturing process. The goods are being exported all over the world but especially our main markets are Usa , Canada , Japan , England , France , Germany , Italy , Spain and Dubai . Sanko Towel’s high quality is mainly derived from the usage of best quality cottons such as Turkish Carded Cotton , Turkish Combed Cotton , American Supima Cotton , Egyptian Cotton , Tencel , Organic Cotton as well . Dobby and jacquard looms in the factory are able to produce various yarn dyed and piece dyed, terry and velour products such as : Bath towels , beach towels , kitchen towels , embroidered towels , bathmaths , bathrobes and other household products ( pot holder , pocket – mitt ) . Sanko Towel focuses on the customer satisfaction through timely delivery of the best quality products . The production starts with the best yarn , while continuously improving the designs and production methods . Sanko Towel acquires the latest technology equipment and implements for the best quality control procedures .The in house yarn and fabric dyeing plant is another key element in its success . Besides that another investment has been done which is called fully automated dyeing kitchen that helps a lot for colour continuity in the year of 2009. The latest developments have been done by Sanko Towel are called as ‘’ SoftTecq ‘’ and ‘Trans Dry’ . SoftTecq: The softest towel in the world, Special yarn spinning process allows the towel to have the unexampled and unprecedented hand feeling. Trans Dry : Stay Dry Towel Patented Moisture Technology for cotton that goes beyond synthetic fibers while maintaining the natural comfort and softness of true 100% cotton. Dries faster and ultimate moisture transfer. As Sanko Towel , we are not only the producer of world’s well known brands due to our product quality and capacity , but also we offer rich product variety with the frequently renewed creations all the same for our brand such as MAISONETTE ( domestic market and eastern europe area ) .

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