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TITIZ PLASTIK, which entered plastic industry in 1984, institutionalized in 1993 and specialized particularly in the production of plastic cleaning products and kitchen utensils. TITIZ PLASTIK, with its high quality products, has become one of the much wanted brands of the sector in a short time by evaluating the structure of the sector which is open to innovation and special designs. TITIZ PLASTIK, which has got special design promotional items apart from plastic cleaning products and kitchen utensils, has become successful in its sensitivity of keeping its words in production and delivery on time both domectically and internationally. Thanks to ease it provided in cleaning for years and entering almost every home in Turkey, TITIZ PLASTIK products get attention from abroad too. TITIZ PLASTIK has started exporting most part of its production in recent years. TITIZ PLASTIK, which is exporting its products to England, Holland, Spain, Middle East countries,Turkish states and African countries, has become one of the wanted brands in international markets too. TITIZ PLASTIK, which has acted delicately from moulding to packaging, storage to delivery, is enraptured by its support it has provided to the improvement of the sector. TITIZ PLASTIK, which started in 1984 with its motto “easy cleaning”, as a result of investing in research & development for a long time with its new and multipurpose products, changed its motto towards “pioneering company”. The new motto is “to a brand new life”.

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