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TKN Filter Nozzle - Filter Nozzle Our company has product pallet, steel (sand / anthracite / activated carbon / ion exchange resin systems ) or concrete (for quick sand filtration) in all filter nozzles and drainage systems, drinking water filtration, industrial treatment, demineralized water processes, also river sea, underground water sources, water extraction filters, swimming pool filters, agricultural irrigation hundreds of nozzles that respond to all kinds of needs in all kinds of processes and diffuser system. Moving Bed Bioreactor The "Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor" (MBBR ™) process is based on the principle of biological treatment (biofilm) in which microorganisms multiply by clinging to an environment. MBBR collects the advantages of activated sludge and biofilm systems in its own right. The total recovery efficiency of industrial or domestic wastewater treatment plants designed with this process is higher than that of conventional systems. The BIOfix MBBR ™ system is used for the treatment of very small areas in the design of new treatment plants and at the same time it is applied successfully in the capacity increase and modification of existing wastewater treatment plants. Only your old carbon removal plant is converted to reinforced concrete structures without any renovations. These systems can also be combined with the activated sludge process. The biological process is the MBBR ™ process coupled with activated sludge. This biological process utilizes the existing reactor while providing easy improvement in the nutrient removal of conventional active sludge treatment plants present; it does not need to build a new concrete pool.

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