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Founding TUT Kelepce which is established in 2001 is the leading firm in Turkey in production of hose and pipe clamps. Since its foundation, executes production without sacrificing quality, with reasonable prices, within world standards and in line with the requirements of its customers.Our Quality Our firm is the only firm in Turkey and the Middle East having quality management system that provides the requirements of OHSAS 18001 Worker’s Health and Safety ISO TS 16949 Specifications, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our Mission Assuming a role in shaping the future of the industry it is involved, maintaining the current position of our company in global competitive conditions and targeting sustainable development, Consistently and markedly boosting the value we add to our customers, empoyees, community and environment through our efficiency, agility, quality and productivity, Displaying sensitivity towards environment for the sake of creating the future's nature today across the awareness that every individuall has the right of living in a healthy and balanced healthy environment. Our Vision Constantly expanding our quality, brands and patented products together with our experience and knowledge base, creating values for Turkish and global economy at buisness ethics and corporate culture standards, and turning out to be a corporation that pioneers the future of the industry. Production Our main production consists of hose and pipe clamps manufactured from zinc coated AISI 304 and AISI 430 stainless steel. Besides, our firm produces some special replacement parts made of metal to basic industry factories in automotive and whiteware sector. Our production capacity is 100 million pc/year. Our Production Standards Our products are being manufactured in compliance with accepted and approved standards in the world and Turkey such as TSE 12091 and DIN 3017 and are under quality assurance of TSE. To care for the environment and protect while performing production process is the main policy of our firm. Natural Gas Hose and Pipe Clamps which are produced by our firma re being used in fixing, joining and fastening pipes, hoses and cables and other than these also can be used in irrigation of gardens, LPG tube connections, agricultural industry and in hydraulic-pneumatic systems. Besides, we also include manufacturing of various clips, fittings and rivets. ER-BI Hose Clamps are being unlimited screwed and have the ease of removal. A special steel type (Material No: 1.0330) is being used for the bands of ER-BI Hose Clamps. Physical specifications of the material is appropriate to provide intended torque values in world standards. 1.4301(AISI 304) can be manufactured from antimagnetic stainless steel upon request. "Salt Water Corrosion Test" of manufactured products is performed in our facilities in norms of ASTMB 117. Our Customers With its world class product quality, TUT Kelepce provides service to various sectors in Turkey and the world starting from automotive far to whiteware sector. Akkardan, Anixter, Arcelik, Baymak, BMC, Robert Bosch, Erkunt, Compenanta, Demirdokum, Isuzu, Hema Endustri, Kordsa, Mako, Siemens, Temsa, Tofas, Uzel, Vitra are all among our customers. Sectors using our productsAutomotive, Whiteware, Solar Energy Systems, Heavy Machinery, Natural Gas, Construction, Installation, Machine Manufacturing, Urban Signalling Systems, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Fuel, Agricultural Machine Industry. Export of Us Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran, Netherlands, Greece, KKTC (North Cyprus Turkish Republic), Kazakhistan, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Germany, England, Sweeden, Finland, Poland, Belarus and Russia, Mauritius Islands and Liechtenstein are among the countries we execute expor.

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