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Ufuk Tarim is the producer and marketer of agricultural products such as EC Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators, Organic Fertilizers and Agricultural Helping substances since 1998. The company’s products are in international standards notably in European Standards and it is known as leading the field with the brand of AGRONOM and AGROMIX. In its sector with the aim of enhancing the quality and protect the harvest Ufuk Tarim has developed, registered and produced formulations 1. In accordance with Organic Agriculture, EUROP-GAP or Conventional and Agricultural production process 2. In accordance with the plant type such as mango, grape, hazelnut, cotton, fruits and vegetables 3. In accordance with the vegetative period (seeding, blossom, fruit) 4. In accordance with the type of the application (mixed with soil, drip irrigation, by spraying) 5. In accordance with the type of the soil (acidic, alkaline, neutral,) 6. In accordance with the type of the area and the attribute of the harvest (cropland, greenhouse, soil and hydroponic agriculture) 7. In accordance with the usage dose (Single Dose and Multi Dose) 8. In custom fields such as Grape Dip Concentrate, Wild Animal Repellent. The company has many unique, innovative and initial products. Such as Fe-EDDHA 6% (5 ortho, ortho ) first in the middle east and single dosage fertilizers first in the world. Moreover Research and Development activities are on progress. These products are divided in two main groups considering the customer. 1. General Agriculture 2. Urban Agriculture

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