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Busra Bebe Children's Clothing Company has been manufacturing in Bursa, Turkey, since 1990, our main staff includes 35-40 employees in 2000 m2 production area on Visne Trading Zone, which is the baby and children's clothing production center of the city. We provide services in our fashion design, cutting room, production line, ironing package, and quality control departments. Except for our own brands (Busra, Bushra, Vitamin), we design and manufacture private label collections. Our monthly production capacity with private label production is a total of 40000-50000 pieces. Our main goal is to supply the highest quality materials required for production considering the health of our children and to produce clothes that our children can use both in daily life and on special occasions. Our company also has the quality certificates required by various countries. With 30 years of experience and know-how, we produce dresses, shirts, trousers, overalls, double and triple suits by following the current fashion, especially for girls. In order to keep up with the colorful world of our children, we are preparing interim collections during the season, apart from two main collections, summer and winter, every year. We present our collections, which we have prepared by considering the unique trend colors and models of each year, to our customers at major fairs, our own showroom, and partner wholesalers. The main feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we have a wide range of products from 1 to 16 years old. We deliver our collections, which we have prepared carefully and meticulously, to our customers in Turkey and abroad on time and quickly. Busra Bebe continues developing and growing day by day with keeping customer satisfaction priority.

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