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YUMESA Limited Company has been in livestock sector to utilize the goodness of herbals for the animals healthcare and nutrition for 12 years. The company has the deep knowledge about the aromatic herbals to blend and synergize supplements of herbal premixe and treatment. Also, our knowledge about the aromatic herbals was tested, analyzed and authorized by Universities and Ministry of Agricultural and Livestock in Turkey to produce and market the products. The herbal premixes and treatment supplements can be used for cattle, sheep, goat, equines, poultry and pets. YUMESA started to work in 2005 with the products based on 100% natural aromatic herbals to help and solve alleviate the problems of animal population. Since inception, innovation through intensive research is major driving factor of the company as it strives to prove the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of aromatic herbals in improving animal healthcare and nutrition. Our herbal knowledge for production and quality is the key factors to achieve the perfect customer satisfaction. YUMESA's activities and products are based on well thought-out, planned scientific approach to the collect the aromatic herbals, standardize the ingredients and process the all materials in scientific formulations. Besides, YUMESA knowing the importance of nutrition in maintaining health is the only company in Turkey about the value-added and herbal enriched quality premixes and treatment supplements based on 100% the natural aromatic herbals. Hence, YUMESA's products are unique sourced from traditional knowledge and scientific research. We know that nutrition and health care is important for future of animals. It is YUMESA (with aromatic herbal premixes and supplements).

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