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What is Credit / Tcoin?

The previously known Credit System and now called Tcoin is a feature that we offer to our users so that they can view the requests in our system and reach non-sector requests.

Why is the Tcoin system needed and why is it limited?

With the Turkishexporter Tcoin system, the request detail viewing system is implemented in order to make your trade communication more healthy. In this way, you do not have to contact people other than your target audience.

Who can benefit?

All companies with a tax registration certificate can use tcoin.


It is the system where companies that search for your products in your profile leave messages directly to you. Visitors on the website can send their requests to member companies by telephone or e-mail, as well as by "Message Box".

Who can benefit from the message feature?

Our member, who start using Turkishexporter by purchasing a package membership, can benefit.

What is Request ?

It is all the requests that the users leave to the system to sell their products or buy the product they need.

What is Sectoral Bulletin?

It is the service where the member companies instantly reach the commercial buy/sell requests from abroad related to the sectors they have chosen through the system. Companies see all requests sent to them through this bulletin.

What is Sectoral Bulletin?

It is the service where the member companies instantly reach the commercial buy/sell requests from abroad related to the sectors they have chosen through the system. Companies see all requests sent to them through this bulletin.

Listing Priority

It is a system where member companies are ranked according to their membership package types and system usage activities.

Language Support

Company profiles are prepared in English by experts in order to attract more visitors. It also provides translation support in the world's 7 most common languages. These languages are: English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Profile Presentation

Exporter company profiles prepared by experts are created on a sectoral basis. It enables member companies to stand out on the platform by adding information such as the name of the product, keywords and product details in the area reserved for product images, in line with the selected sector/category.

Why should I add a logo?

Adding your company logo gives information about your company identity and activity, like a profile photo, and makes you more noticeable. Adding a logo gives your potential customers confidence.

Why should I add a category?

In order to reach your potential customers, it is an effective factor for your target audience to know in which field you operate. By adding categories, you can be more accessible and visible in the lists, and you can get one step closer to your customers.

What distinguishes you from other companies?

-With the live request system, it provides the opportunity to instantly view the request and communicate.

-Allows you to reach worldwide approved companies with active company database.

-By promoting your company internationally, it allows you to be visible and accessible around the world.

Can every company sign up for Turkishexporter?

After the approval of the data processing center, companies can start using the Turkishexporter system actively.

How does the account verification process work? If the user is not a member of the system: Click the sign up for button, User information is added to the relevant field. User company information should be added, If it is not added, its membership on the site will be suspended. If the user is a member of the system: If the company will not be created, the user remains as a user on the site. If user is going to create a company, the user clicks on the Mypage tab, Company information is entered in the relevant field. Go to the created company profile, Company's missing information is added on the control panel page. The company is sent for approval. It is checked by data processing whether the company has the necessary qualifications for approval (double registration, fake content etc.) It is published when the company is approved by data processing. If not, the company is rejected and directed to check the user information again. Can I add more than one company?

You can request to add a new company by calling customer service, and you can easily add your new company. Each company has 1 free membership right. If the tax number and name are different, another user can add its new company.

How can I terminate my membership?

Your profile will continue to be published on Turkishexporter until you request it to be removed. If you want to cancel your membership while your package membership is still valid, contact us.

Can I start using my membership package right away?

You can start using your membership package after you have made your payment and approved by our data processing team.

Why is activation necessary, what is it for?

The activation mail is among the information requested from you for the approval of your company. It means that you will start to benefit from the relevant services offered by Turkishexporter within the content of your membership package and contract.The activation code is required for you to carry out your more reliable and sustainable commercial communication and to use the system actively.

Can I sign up for Turkishexporter without having a company?

Individuals can register to the system with their commercial identity or personal company.