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Distribution panel for lighting system

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i want to ask you if you can provide me the electrical equipment
mentioned below:
1. no. of 26 aluminium lighting pole 10m long completely with accssisoris
2. lighting pole terminal box
3. no. of 26 soduim lighting fixture 400w
4. step-down transformer 480/208-120, 60hz, 3ph
5. distribution panel for lighting system including the timer and contactor
6. 1c*16mm2, xlpeswapvc, 0.6/1kv, quantity of 600m
7. 4c*16mm2, xlpeswapvc, 0.6/1kv, quantity of 350m
8. 4c*25mm2, xlpeswapvc, 0.6/1kv, qua


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