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I am writing to you to inquire about the White Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, White beans, and Baldo, that have been advertised on your website. As a buyer, I would be very interested, and I would be grateful if you could give me some further details.

We are interested in the following products: 1. fine bulgur - bags 25kg, 2. medium bulgur - bags 25kg 3. red Lentil - bags 25kg The volume of purchases of each item is 80 tons per month. We needs price on terms FCA. Also, it would be nice for you to send us some photos each products. You can contact us on Whatsapp by the number mentioned below.

And the price of a ton of lentils packed 20 kilos and arrived at Port Sudan

I have a request from my client about buying lentils. 20000 tons every month for 12 months. Annual contract.

We are looking to import some of your products to Beirut Lebanon in a 20 feet container which contains the following items: jasmine and sella basmati rice, red and green lentils, pasta, tuna, sardines, pineapples cans,candies,...

I would like to buy lentil. Kindly contact me if you are a direct supplier.

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