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Im looking to import 100% cotton vests with spaghetti straps Please send me quotes

we are a company from germany, which sells work clothes and we are looking for a new supplier for the production of our work socks. We are interested in working together with a turkish company. The first order will be around 10.000 pairs and monthly we are selling about 5000 pairs.

I would like the images and characteristics of the firefighter uniforms as well as the prices

we are interested in making our corporate uniform as a test to later launch our clothing line. We would like to know if you have a minimum order and more details from you.

We have a large import and marketing company We currently have several brands that we work with at a high level. We are interested in expanding and producing our own brand, for children's clothing Dresses, leotards, pants, shirts, socks, and more

i want to purchase blazer suits can u tell me which one is wholesales i need around 10 suits for me

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