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I need many molds désigne for safty and sport catégorie.. Send me some models Polyurethane safety shoe mold I am looking for mold maker

we are a Russian plant of road construction equipment and are now experiencing an acute shortage in hydraulic systems (Hydraulic: hydraulic distributors, valves, cylinders, pumps, as well as a shortage in digital controllers and relays (like Unitronics). Please give a list of possible manufacturers in Turkey, waiting for feedback:

Good afternoon! Interested in the supply of galvanizing bath. Are you a manufacturer of hot dip galvanizing equipment?

Interested in cooperation (purchase) in the supply of spare parts for ATLAS COPCO, SANDVIK, Boart longyear.

We still have some old Shima machines in israel, SES236FF 8G AND SES234FF 5G, and I need some parts for this machine especially rubber sleeve.

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