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We AIR-TEC KECE FILTRE SAN LTD STI have been offering services as the branch of MFG GUTSCHE GmbH&CO.KG in Turkey since 2006 with our production of special order filters as well as the needlefelt, woven & dust bag filters which provide the best performance in our product category. MFG GUTSCHE GmbH&CO.KG, a company of German origin is offering its users the most flawless products with the highest quality & technology in needlefelt filter production. MFG GUTSCHE GmbH&CO.KG, has entered the industry in 1962 producing synthetic needlefelts. After a short while, concentrating on finding an alternative solution to pollution, they have broadened their business field introducing needle felt filter bag products. Today, they are well known all over the world with their expanding production & sales networks in 5 continents. We are also producing dry dust collecting needlefelt filter bags for the following industries; asphalt plants, iron & steel, cast iron, acumulator, cement, plaster, lime, oil, food, paint, chemicals, mines, machinery production, lumber and chipwood. New finishing treatments, coatings, repellants and appropriate stitching techniques are developed considering our customers demands and according to the chemical-physical fields of usage for each product manufactured in our factory in Istanbul. These new developments are tested by our industrial engineers in our laboratories and formed into new datas to be offered to our customers. Our company has the international DIN EN 9001 & ISO 14001 quality control certificates. As AIR-TEC KECE FITRE SAN.LTD.STI company we hope to serve you with our wide knowledge, equipped technical staff and broad product range. If you enquire we also offer all kinds of consultancy services. Product range: Polyester - Nomex - Rayton (PPS) - P84 (Poliamid) - PTFE ( Teflon ) - Acrylic and others.

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