ABOUT CORKWOLE; Corkwole is derived from “cork”, “wool” and “leather”. The excellent three gifts of the nature are our main raw materials to provide a better quality of human life. We have a storied history of handcrafting premium natural anatomic shoes and natural handbags by following the nature and proudly serve the needs of human who appreciate natural touches, originality , creativity and profound sense of achievement. Cork is made from the bark of cork oak tree. (Sobreiro in Portuguese ) – this is a unique three that will regenerate its bark after it has been stripped off, so no three are chopped down in the production of cork We admire the cork especially for the soles. It is a great gift for human feet. Cork has proved throughout decades its remarkable comfort performance. Cork insoles mold themselves to the wearer’s foot. This creates a custom fit that conforms to the wearer’s natural shape, offering a high degree of comfort. Cork is a moisture-wicking material. By using cork, there is a far less moisture buildup left in the shoe. Cork aids in a better pressure distribution, producing a cushioning effect whilst simultaneously allowing feet to breathe and controlling foot temperature. It has proved to reduce and prevent foot illness. Wool from a sheep, naturally assists regulation of body temperature. The inherent breathability and active moisture management properties of the fibre also help prevent the skin from becoming clammy, which can provide a more comfortable. The wool fiber is a hardened protein and does not contain any sensory structures. This is generally done in the spring when the sheep no longer need their winter coat. Without shearing, the animal may potentially suffer from excessive wool growth. Leather is a great elegant and natural material that protects the human body or goods; it is comfortable and long-lasting. Leather is an extremely durable material, especially if it is of high quality. Leather breathes well and it has proven itself as a timeless fabric. Leather usually keeps its quality in time as well. Leather is resistant to dry abrasion,, and it is also resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks. Leather is also lint and dust-free. With time, leather becomes more and more flexible while keeping its shape and strength. Even though leather is chemically treated, it does not compare to the amount of chemicals used for producing synthetic goods. In a world where fashion is often accused of not being environmental-friendly, owning leather goods is just a way to be both ecofriendly and stylish. It’s always important to have things that are made from natural fabrics ,as, human beings we need to be in contact with natural objects when it comes to clothes. Wearing natural fabrics will make you feel physically and mentally good, as opposed to synthetic fibers which can make you feel bad, as they are foreign elements to your body and are not optimized for human wear.

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