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ALSAFA; is a company involved in production and exportation of "Cosmetic and Personal Care Products", under the patented brands "BUBBLES" and "ALSAFAMED", it is open to development and innovation, contemporary, able to integrate with the day to day changing market conditions through product development, and respective of consumer rights and gives foremost importance to quality. ALSAFA has aimed to be one of the leading corporations in the field of exportation of "Cosmetic and Personal Care Products", since 2010, in order to attain that target the company is continuing to provide services towards a more healthy community and a robust country. ALSAFA; is exporting the following brands: "Bubbles Baby Diapers", "Bubbles Baby Wipes" and "Alsafamed Adult Diaper" to Europe, Africa and to the Middle East, and every passing day it is exporting these brands and integrating them to new markets. In terms of establishing the brand name, the company is very sensitive on its policy over quality for which it has made important investments, this attitude had positive effects on the consumers in the markets the company is exporting to in terms of accelerating brand awareness, and thereby the brand has become a reason for preference. ALSAFA; cognizant of the fact that the products in question shall be utilized for health purposes, the products are meticulously produced in hygienic conditions, untouched by human hand. With this understanding the company has succeeded in it policy towards achieving customer satisfaction, has established common ground with its suppliers and customers based on commitment and long term durable relations. ALSAFA, is continuing resolutely with its activities to procure the sustainable development of new products to add to its range of products, and by 2014, it is targeting at raising its number of export markets up to 40 countries.

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