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From nature to your meal by Anatolian Olives Co. Alabanda organic oliveoil is ecologically produced from MEMECIK variety olives of Southern Agean province of Aydin Turkey. The olive processing machines are world famous original “RAPANELLI” oliveoil processing machines of Italy. Cr. Ni oil stock tanks are produced from British Shefield Steels and Italian accesories and fittings oil filters and bottling machines are Italian manifactured by TMC PADOVAN spa. The bottles are imported from Italian Bruni,Vetria Etrusca and Greece Valavanis Bross S.A Companies. The Olives are harvested carefully by French olive harvesting equipments of Olivium Pellec and carefully transfered in plastic cases to oil processing facilities The Olive oil is produced and bottled in hygienic facilities according to Turkish food code of Olives Oil.The whole process is controlled by sampling quality control method Anatolian Olive Oil are marketed under three different segment according to acidity content of the oil. The oil is quality tested before the bottling operation in Chamber of Commerce food testing labaratory carefully Naturelly grown olive oils are marketed under three different names according to oleic acid content of oil. The tastes and colors dont show great difference in this three names Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil Naturally grown memecik variety olives gives a natural yellow-green and pure bright color to the oil.Natural olive flavour is mixed with elmond flavour and taste of oil ; with the content of max. 0,8%. Oleicacid content are the signs of this natural virgin olive oil Natural Virgin Olive Oil All the signs and taste of virgin olive oil are the same with Extra Virgin Olive Oil except oleic acidity. The oleic acid content is max 2% in this is olive oilNatural Village Olive Oil. The acidy content is max 3% in oleic acid and color is mostly bright yellow.Flavour is strongly oil smell. All the olive oil variety should be kept in dark and natural room temprature ; and should be consumed within 24 month after bottling date Olive oil may frozen under 8 C and this doesnt changed nutrition figures and vitamine E content off the olive oil

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