Our company Ibrahim Ozdemir and Semra Ozdemir 1985 yillinda Inegeul Bazaar in Bursa city center, in the back of a small retail shop at the front of the activities engaged in manufacturing began as a small company called Free dowry. Semra Ozdemir a very young age, but the main foundations of the work period, the dowry was the beginning of handcrafted embroidery process. From that day to this day since the last 28 years, Semra and Ibrahim Ozdemir also continue to work at the beginning of the first business day of excitement and meticulousness. Our company from time to time between 1985 and 2010, the name of dowry free from time to time by other companies continued to outsource production. Taking a radical decision in 2010 to create his own brand on the move. The new brand name is identified as the Armes Home (Armes, meaning that one of the questions frequently asked customers the lady’s name spelled backwards Semra be noted that one of the founders) After 2010, our company is always trying to be ahead of its competitors in the sector, and the second generation of the operation continues to operate well together. As of today, the point of success for us and our customers years of hope and promise.

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