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As Cooling Clima Industry and Trade Co., was founded in istanbul in 1979.Cooling, heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment manufacturing company in the field, with the latest technology machinery and experienced staff to produce first-quality and customer satisfaction has made. Our company mainly to the food industry, plastic, petro-chemical, automotive and textile sectors, both domestic and abroad, many in the contracting business is successfully completed. Alone project, but promised during manufacturing and assembly facilities after service and maintenance in the service of your company. We earn the trust of the most important principles of our company is considering. Your confidence we will be able to always move forward. With this understanding, our company operations, improving the quality of products available to you beyond the range of products to meet different demands to improve in every day is a new breakthrough. We receive from you with powers to represent our country in the world market firms to speed up our work, the way your support continues to grow each day. Without your support we can not reach a large international goals. With this understanding, to meet our quality and you are invited to work together.

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