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COSKUNSU BATUPEN COMPANY The foundations of our company were laid by Ismail COSKUNSU in the first months of 1993. While it was a small-scale manufacturing plant, it grew rapidly and in 1998 Coskunsu Batu Pen Limited Company was established. In 2000, a workshop was established in Russia and an international breakthrough was made in the PVC sector. 7 years in Turkey and Russia has successfully maintained its back to Turkey after the PVC industry. Our company has entered the construction sector and has become one of the reliable and leading companies in the construction sector by building reliable, robust, comfortable and modern architecture buildings. In 2004 Ege Pen Deceuninck became a distributor of a total of 7,000 m2. Machines used in the production area of ​​Turkey's No. 1 manufacturer of CNC machine brand Kaban machine is fully automatic machines started. Coskunsu Batu Pen Ltd. has a production capacity of 45.000 / 50.000 meters per month. Ltd. Sti., With the latest system and technology automation machines, professional production and administrative staff makes production with the principle of "Zero error, perfect service" principle and on this path without breaking the stance is progressing. Ege Pen Producer Distributorship was crowned by Ege Pen Region Producer Distributor in 2012. Mission Our quality production, R & D activities and the use of current technology needs of our customers that fully meets the Aegean Region holding in his standing quality behind the work and satisfaction in the forefront is to open a new era in the construction sector in Turkey and European countries especially. Vision With the expert staff who follow and use new technologies; is to be the best and available service provider in the sector by working with entrepreneurial, discreet, customer-oriented focus. Targets To provide mutual and balanced benefits in relations with customers, suppliers and employees. To ensure the continuity of the organization by focusing on excellence in production quality, capacity, interaction with environment, competitiveness and determination, and increasing profitability. Coskunsu Batu Pen Ltd. Sti. With its knowledge and experience of nearly 50 trained and well-trained personnel, the company continues to provide services in all areas of its business by adopting environmentally friendly production systems without sacrificing quality and by constantly following the global interactions and technology. Our company has become a brand with its problem-free and complete solution at the promised time and has a big share in the sector.

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