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Bertalan Foreign Trade. Inc. Structuring of Steel Construction Ltd. is the new building Ltd. Sti., Which is situated in Saray within the company and founded with the aim of conducting the company's import and export activities. Established in 1994, Steel Construction completed a large number of luxurious houses in Turkey and abroad. The company is successfully carrying out the many housing estate projects mainly in Cerkezkoy / Tekirdag since 2005. Between 2010 and 2014, Steel Construction Type exported a wide range of products to many countries, Particularly to Niger, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Congo and France via another foreign trade company. Established in 2014, Bertalan Foreign Trade. Inc. has come into full operation in 2015 and exports of the products it supplies within its own body. The company also operates as Bertalan Foreign Trade. in new sectors by in Cerkezkoy / Tekirdag. Saray / Faruk Gulluoglu Pastaneleri (Franchise). Bertalsuit (Residence & Housing). They are then parent or within the body of Bertalan Foreign Trade. The company Started in Niger and new enterprises founded four different then parent. Global Quanqilleri SA (Import - Export). Almutaquadimmah Construction SA (Construction). Porter had bauwinnig Menuseri SA (The first and the only window production firm in Niger). Nigermeubles (Furniture Showroom). With its structure open to innovation and change, the company seeks to be integrated in the Developing world standards. Despite its young age, that firm has proven its success in the fields it has been active until today.

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