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BOZOK 275 tractors range uses powerful High Torque Engines , at 50 Hp , 73,5 hp ISO (54 kW) and 85 Hp ISO ( 63kW) ,)57Hp,105Hp,110Hp these engines generate maximum torque at low engine speeds. Bozok Tractor models are assembled without any compromise on quality, providing not just excellent performance but also fuel efficiency and durability. BOZOK TRACTOR models are comply with the EURO Tier-2 or Tier-3 requirements and all models have a European Type Approval/Homologation certification. BT GOLDPOWER equipped with new Highly efficient EURO Tier3-compliant 3-cylinder turbo, inter-cooler engines specified on the BT GOLDPOWER models built MORE POWER AND MORE TORQUE and require LESS DIESEL, and minimize Exhaust Emissions A product range combining performance, reliability, comfort and design. This is the great strength of BT GOLDPOWER tractors.

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