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Founded in 1995, "Can Heavy Transport"; Eskisehir is one vicinity of the leading transportation companies. Our company is acutely aware of everything he does, as a great responsibility; from procurement to production, logistics service in a combined manner to fulfill the principle is the fastest and trouble .. Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone A1, type in the general area of 2000 square meters warehouse and 1000 square meter logistics warehouse serving. (Eskisehir, the first and only) Foreign car park has the C2 authorization tool 120 units registered in our document. 3-4-5 norms over euro 2005 model vehicles, including trailers mega and optima serves all of Europe .. one domestic vehicle parkimiz20 attractive, low loaders, dump trailers, float box, dolly trailers that transmits at up to 75 tons of heavy freight, and 30 dolly meters are able to transport services. 300 000 tons of the annual quantity of domestic transportation. Our vehicle is partial to Europe every week. Our vehicles are available Satko satellite tracking system, vehicle positions are reported daily to our customers ..

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