Casa was founded in 1965 as an upholstery workshop. Today, with 30.000 square meters closed production area and with its 200 employees, consisting of mostly architects, engineers and technicians who are committed to the brand; Casa, feels the joy of achieving the firsts in furniture industry. Casa brand is the result of a continuous study, focusing on the production with today's line and the philosophy of premonition of the future. Casa proucts have unique performance and technology while reflecting an aesthetic style which closely follows the current trends by sensing the future of lifestyles. Strong intuitions about all the details of the space where the product will be used, strong feelings about the people who will be living in that place and how they use the product makes Casa designs special. Thus, each part of Casa collections, has a very dynamic structure. Casa products are hand-made in all production stages. Each product, is unique and individually produced with high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Casa, focuses all of its attention equally on the product and the person who will use the product. We are producing our furnitures for active use and gratitude in every moment of your life.

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