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The company started the business as a rolling mill at Istanbul/Bayrampasa in 1986. Today CELMER-CELIK continues its operations in the Kocaeli/Gebze area on a 120.000 m2 open land and 30.000 m2 enclosed facility utilizing its semi-continuous modern rolling mill, scale peeling, grinding and cold drawing capabilities. Today the CEL-MER Celik Endustrisi AS. (Steel Industries Co., Inc.) is at an important place in terms of high quality and polished steel production. In addition to being unique in the country in terms of the production capabilities, the export areas are ever expending as well. Actual exports have been made to the European Union countries such as Germany, France and Italy, in addition to the neighboring countries such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Bulgaria and Greece. The principle of continuous renovation and continuous investment has been adopted against the dichotomy of lowering the costs while increasing the quality. Today, a modern laboratory has been established and the target has been lowering the costs in the cold coil drawing, cold rod drawing, scale peeling and grinding units, while increasing the quality. In our philosophy of satisfying all the requirements of the ISO 9001 certification, our awareness for assuming our responsibility extends to the borders of the final utilization. Within that context, we have adopted the target of providing even higher quality works to the customers with our expert sale and production staff. Adopting a customer focused and flexible production strategy, our company serves the automotive, agriculture, durable household goods, medical, machinery manufacture and defense industries.

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