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The founder of Ozyasar Tel ve Galvanizleme Sanayi A.S. Ahmet Cokyasar, iinitiated his first business venture in Adana in 1953 and took a step forward in 1961 and established Korkusuz Kollektif, a construction materials company The collaboration with Mehmet Cokyasar in the following years paved the way for the company and in 1969, the first production facility, Birlik Aluminum Profile, was built in Istanbul Shortly thereafter, in 1973, Ozyasar was established as an unlimited company in Istanbul, for the purpose of manufacturing steel wire products, with headquarters in Tahtakale and production facilities in Eyup. The business organizations in Adana continued their operations until 1978 and afterwards Istanbul became the center of commerce and industry. In 1984, Demsas Metal A.S. was founded for the production of aluminum profiles. The next step was the conversion of Ozyasar from an unlimited company to a joint stock company in 1992. After 80’s, the second generation started to become a member of the team, came up through the ranks and took their positions in the management. The production facilities were moved from Eyup to its new location in Silivri in 1986 to increase the production capacity and broaden the range of the products. The most important progress at the new plant was the installation of the galvanizing lines. Along with the galvanizing lines; galvanized barbed wire, chain link fence and bailing wire production also started. Starting from 90’s, the concept of production at global standards was adopted as local and global demand highly increased. Thereafter, the modernization and capacity improvement investments were initiated, starting from the selection of the production lines from the world’s best brands. Today Ozyasar has reached the capacity of 10,000 tons per month and became a leader in its sector thanks to its continuous improvement strategy. Cokyasar Company started to do production in its new plant in Duzce, in 2008. In the beginning, the main focus was on steel rope production. By time, high carbon steel wire drawing lines have developed and the company became the market leader in its region. Today, the company goes beyond to make its targets real in export, especially by the investments on its quality units. The production capacity is approximately 30.000 tons per year, with 111 staff and 20.000m² production area, where the closed area is 13.500m². The production ability is up to 14.00mm, that provides the company to produce import substituted products.

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