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COMM LED Lighting has been established in Ankara-Turkey as an integrated LED Luminary factory. COMM targets to provide technologically advanced, energy saving and eco-friendly LED lighting solutions since 2011. COMM LED Lighting manufactures customized indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures that are designed by experienced engineers belong to the illumination needs of smart cities and their divisions. Around 10,000,000 LEDs are being used for production of luminaires in average annually. COMM LED Lighting is able to distribute thousands of finished products all around the world thanks to reliable business partners and distributors that are located worldwide. COMM LED Lighting can respond quickly to custom product demands thanks to well organized flexible production lines. Total Quality Policy: COMM’s brand policy is always aiming to provide superior quality standards beyond customer expectations. Quality of raw material, quality of production, pre-sales and post-sales care and support services are the most important points our total quality policy. Our factory is under inspection of international and local accredited quality organizations periodically. COMM’s Customer satisfaction policy based on; High quality luminaires production in strict accordance to international standards. Instead of referring to the standard product range we prefer project oriented custom solutions with the most compatible products by engineering support to meet the needs of our clients. By starting from four years ago, COMM LED Lighting team proved its capability on urban lighting projects as a result of its knowledge and experience. In last two years, COMM has been participated in COUNTRY LIGHTING PROJECTS and has been officially approved by eliminating many globally famous manufacturers in competition all around the world. Thanks to its dynamic and innovative structure COMM always proud of becoming a reputable brand name of Turkey which is also well known globally. It is our pride to continue production for a green world, with a continuous development.

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