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DESTANBUL / Tur-Mak Yapi Center was established in Konya, Turkey in 1976. Tur-Mak began supplying building materials. Tur-Mak Center became a leading marketing company in Turkey and has gained a high reputation. Tur-Mak concentrates on distributing products to warehouses, selling both natural stones and ceramic/ porcelain tiles to large wholesalers, distributors and retail stores. Tur-Mak also deals with builders, contractors, designers connected to the industry, as well as with private consumers. Our products range from ceramic tiles, stone & marble, travertine, tumbled stones, mosaics to antique decorative products. Achieving an annual sales of 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 sqmt. in ceramic, porcelain tiles and stones, Tur-Mak has taken a respected place among the largest suppliers of Turkey. Tur-Mak has scored successes in the Turkish Tiles Stones Industry with its innovative and high quality services. Tur-Mak, believes that providing our customers with what they need and when and how they want is the key to successful business. In addition, we will continually monitor our clients, level of satisfaction with our services through surveys and other convenient feedbacks.

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