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Ada Group is composed of 4 companies, which are Dinamik Automotive, Ada Automotive, Vizyon Automotive and Vision International (China). Although Dinamik Auto, a subsidiary of Ada Group, is carrying out the sales, export and import operations, we are mostly known as Ada Group throughout Turkey. The owners of the company have started the distribution of spare parts business in 1986 in the city Adapazari, and moved the headquarters to Istanbul in 2001. Dinamik Automotive realized a great success after 2001, and as of today, we are the leading independent distributor of auto-electrical and mechanical components throughout Turkey. For the moment, Dinamik Automotive is operating its distribution process from 13 full range stock warehouses. The warehouses are located as follows: Tuzla – Anatolian side Istanbul Main Logistics Center 9000 m2 Esenyurt – European side warehouse 3500 m2 Ikitelli – European side Truck Parts warehouse 1500 m2 Atasehir – Anatolian side Truck Parts warehouse 1200 m2 Adapazari – Warehouse 2000 m2 Bursa – Warehouse 5500 m2 Izmir – Warehouse 2200 m2 Ankara – Warehouse 2500 m2 Konya – Warehouse 3000 m2 Adana – Warehouse 1500 m2 Gaziantep – Warehouse 1500 m2 Samsun – Warehouse 1200 m2 Trabzon – Eurocell Center/ Warehouse 500 m2 There are 320 employees in the company, and 102 of them are sales representatives. All the sales staff has laptop computers and by the use of our B2B software, they are able to contact the branch office instantly by internet. So we serve fast and its very helpful for our clients to search the products we have on stock. Almost all of our clients have that online software on their computers and they can order online. Dinamik Auto offers a same day service for all orders within Turkey. There is approximately 85000 references registered to our software and our stock on the average turns with 60000 references. We are working as a dealer or distributor for more than 200 manufacturers. In addition we are importing from China, Brazil, Argentina and European countries. We have our own private label brands. These are DWA (electric components), EuroCell (batteries and electronic components), LKS Mchanix (mechanical parts) and the newest KraftVoll (filters, fast moving items, braking). Our powerful range of products and stock level make us a good choice for the abroad customers. We are exporting to Middle East, North Africa and Europe to more than 15 countries. We have no minimum order requirement and we will happily dispatch orders from a small package to a multi-pallet consignment. We always make sure to provide customers a problem-free experience. For us, quality matters. Therefore we make a latest technology quality control lab in Bursa, within our warehouse. For the moment we only check the quality of electric and electronic parts of our private label brands but in a near future we also want the same quality control tests with mechanical parts too.

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