"ECRIN" in all our dealings; fairly, to ensure mutual benefit, to act in good faith and understanding, always comply with the laws and code of ethics principles. For the whole world, environmental protection and awareness generate conscious of our duty to protect. "ECRIN", steadily growing company in the domestic and foreign market. Also extremely thorough, dedicated and disciplined work is located in the most wanted list. In a short time the point of sale in domestic and overseas has created a lot. Product sends 35 different countries on 6 continents. Within a short time at McDonalds, Burger King, Carefour, Aldi, Lidl etc. has proven its quality and this is as strong as companies started to work. Our company is a more efficient way to get involved in the world market, strong, honest and hard-working companies would like to work in accordance with a win-win model. For this reason, we require your company to a joint study. We at reasonable prices, high quality products to present to let you know. MISSION Our company, employees, customers, suppliers and partners happy and proud, to make a company profitable and sustainable. Our mission is to food, personal care products and industrial cleaning agents, groups, market needs and customer diversity is among the companies that offer the most suitable products and services. PRINCIPLES for our indispensable; QUALITY 'most eligible costs, provided that it is to respect the environment and human health. SUPPLEMENTARY 'contribute to institutional development in the Business TRUST 'honest and trustworthy, to keep secret. SPEED 'to produce a result, instantly apply and save time DIVERSITY 'is expected of us to overcome the constant pursuit of the positive differences CAPITAL 'Parties and economic gain time.

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