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Eleks Dis Ticaret AS is responsible for sales and marketing of products produced by the Elginkan Community Companies at international markets. With its experience over 30 years and expert staff, ELEKS AS offers its customers a very wide product range from a single source: - Taps & Mixers - Ceramic Sanitarywares - Cast Iron Bathtubs & Shower Trays & Sinks - GG & GGG Cast Iron Parts - Conventional & Condensing Combi Boilers - Panel Radiators - Valves - Natural Gas Meters & Counters - Ceramic Raw Material - Brass Rod and Ingots Manufacturing companies of the Elginkan Community are specialized in their own fields and are equipped with the latest technology and superior quality standards. Since each product has its own R&D and design units, we constantly develop and introduce products that can satisfy local taste and demands. Continuously renewing and updating infrastructure works in order to be successful in global markets, ELEKS regards service and quality permanency as basis in sales and marketing activities. Within this scope, ECA Germany GmbH was founded and commissioned in order to provide better service to customers in Europe. Within the frame of 'Together for Years', which is the slogan of the ELGINKAN Community, we develop long term partnerships in other markets and are able to offer local services to these markets with such partners. Today ELEKS makes export to 100 countries of the world from Europe to the Middle East, America to the Far East, which have very different cultures and economies from each other, and serves more than 700 customers.

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