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Our company started its business to give better service to the sector with its experience staff working for a long time in medical sector. Preferring its place in the sector and Human Respect policy above all ELEMENT GRUP certified its quality with ISO 9001:2008 and TSE EN ISO 13485:2004. The company succeeded to carry its brand image to foreign markets in 2012. We export to almost 30 countries with OVER&SHAFII brands. ELEMENT GROUP will continue to lead to the sector with the support of its customers. The company responds to demands of Special and Public sector with its medical experience. Our goal is to present high quality products to our customers. To do this we work as a team with our management personnel and staff together. Developing education, skills and quality awareness is one of our general targets by using human and technology sources intensely. We serve with ascertaining better performance level everyday by using some operational criterions like market’s demand and tendency, cost and customer satisfaction. As it is known there are many local and foreign companies involved in the sector. We wish to have the best place among them. To do this we try to adopt continue development. Our company being active in Turkey continues to improve emphatically with its experienced partners in this knowledge and technology age. R&D is one of the most important department of our company. We stand on our way with the perception of quality product, quality service, quality work, trust and honesty.

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