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As Emek we manufacture and supply halva, jam, cream, cream with cocoa, cream with hazelnut, sesame oil, halva with vanilin, halva with cocoa, halva with pistachio, halva with almond, white halva, halva with hazelnut, strawberry jam, cherry jam, rose jam, apricot jam, fig jam, halvas, jams, creams, creams with cocoa, creams with hazelnut, sesame oils, halvas with vanilin, halvas with cocoa, halvas with pistachio, halvas with almond, white halvas, halvas with hazelnut, strawberry jams, cherry jams, rose jams, apricot jams, fig jams, halvah, halavah... We began our business life with halva production. Date was 1969. We have come these days from that date without compromising Labor and Health principle. We have constantly trained our personnel experienced in their subjects in terms of food production and hygiene. Our production story having begun in Konya flourishingly continues with types of halva, sesame oil,jam and cream with cocoa and hazelnut. We pay particular attention to quality control and hygiene management. We maintain ISO, HACCP and TSE practices from international quality management systems in our factory. We work by giving the primary importance to the health of our young and old target group as well as to their tastes. As long as you like us,we will continue to produce.

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