year 6 YEAR

We established our company called Caliskan Furniture company as a workshop in Ýnegol in 1972. Our company decided to continue with brand of ERA according to our new design thoughts and production at the beginning of millenium.
ERA symbolizes the annovations and the millenium. ERA has been at the place of 10.000 meter square in order to service efficiently to all people. We do not compromise from lust and creatives, and we maintain to produce new solutions and new goods.
Every life is a story:
ERA has produced the newest furniture for your homes, and we chose the materials diligently. ERA makes your dreams to be real.Our goods compose your life histories′ unforgetable parts. Its designs give an answer to your demand,and its products are durable,are created by repairmen.
All products are shown off in our dealers and in the other our markets. We thank all our customers, workers and suppliers who share the same emotions as we do.

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