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Our story started in 1992 with Food distribution and marketing. In 2000 we have started to manufacture chocolate&confectionary products. Our fast-growing company entered the business of dry pulses in 2002. we have established in 2014 our soap factory with a new excitement. Our factory is located in The Industrial Area (5th organization) Gaziantep / Turkey with 18500 m2 area. The daily production capacity is 45 tons using the latest technology in Italianmachines MAZZONI LB & ACMA. Goals; Expanding our range in the market and increase the kinds of our products. VISION Improve our products to be a reputable brand in global market. MISSION Making a significant investments in a broad range of research and development and carry about stakeholders’ satisfaction, support the national economy. Expanding the advertising and marketing of our products with high quality to become reputable brand in soap market.

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