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.Founded by a team of communication in the market with over 23 years experience FOITEL; Structured Cabling Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, Local and Wide Area Networks, Telecom Systems distributes the products needed by the market. In particular, Data Communications Networks, and Optical Fiber to the distribution design products targeting customers in Turkey FOITEL market, providing logistics and sales support services. FOITEL also Data Communications Networks offers solutions, System Integrator of the company product and service providers in the telecom market and aims to provide product and service. FOITEL analyzes well the communication network technology, identifying new generation gaps in the communication network, its customers (system integrators, service providers and Wholesalers) aims to provide products that make it more powerful new-generation market. FOITEL, as a global player in the Structured Cabling and Communications Networks market, this market is to give direction to the development of strategic alliances with manufacturers worldwide. We are committed to create solutions for our customers for years, consistently with our cultural heritage, unbroken and the light of the principle of providing services at the most affordable price, we will be extremely pleased to continue to provide services under the FOITEL roof you.

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