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Forta Innovative Construction is a 100% Turkish capital enterprise with its expert engineer staff and has been established to provide innovative construction solutions to the Turkish construction sector in addition to export its knowledge about construction sector and products to the whole World. Beyond supplying products, Forta Innovative Construction has become a solution partner of all the companies it serves in all areas so far with project consultancy and turnkey project services. PRODUCT GROUPS Concrete Group As a solution, since 1978, for primary concrete reinforcing technology, FORTA introduced FORTA-FERRO macro fiber reinforcement technology and made it irreplaceable product of industrial constructions and tunnels, During time, FORTA has expanded its product range with MICRO-FORCE fiber reinforcement as a solution to shrinkage cracks in concrete, GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) bar reinforcement which has 3 times higher tensile strength than steel reinforcement and POLARBETON for light weight fills and insulation concrete, which are also innovative products in concrete market. Asphalt Group For the asphalt group, which is one of the areas of expertise that Forta leads, all products that the sector needs are available in Forta. FORTA-FI asphalt reinforcement, which allows to build 2 times longer life roads with thinner asphalt thickness, has revolutionized road construction. WARMAX, which provides asphalt application under cold climate conditions, TARMAX anti-strip agent, which avoids surface peeling and FIXALT, which provides fast and effective repair of holes formed on the asphalt surface are also important innovations of FORTA for asphalt. It also available to offer total solutions to asphalt technology with SBS and other similar asphalt products under the name of FORTA. Soil Group In Soil group, with the brand GEOFOR for geosynthetics products (PVC Membrane, HDPE Membrane, Geogrid for asphalt, Geotextile), strong solutions are provided by FORTA for strengthening&insulation of structures. Polymer & Rubber Group Total solutions for tunnel construction are presented together with products TBM segment accessories. POLKA pin&socket systems, injection and lifting sockets, bolt&bolt sockets, guiding rods and sealing gaskets are also produced by FORTA in Cerkezkoy Facilities. Chemicals Group Chemicals needed for TBM tunnel constructions are also provided together with other TBM tunnel solutions by FORTA. High quality Sealing Gasket Adhesives, Soil Conditioning Foams, TBM main drive grease and TBM tail grease are also produced and provided by FORTA. Custom Products FORTA, also makes productions with GFRP composite technology depending on custom demands for special needs. GFRP Guardrails, protection cabines, grids, hatches and many other solutions with FRP structure are available for custom production. Forta Innovative Construction continues developping itself and contributing construction technologies industry with participation as executive members in ITA (Internationla Tunnelling Association), ACI (American Concrete Institute) and Turkish Tunnelling Association with the technical knowledge we have brought from our experiences through years. With the sensitive care on developing technical background and capacity of production in line with the needs of construction industry, FORTA continues contrubuting research and development for construction industry in every field of work with the newest production line, which has been established with the most advanced technology.

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