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Girisim Machinery, founded in 2001, performs the production and sale of food processing and packaging machinery in the high quality standards. Girisim Machinery produces horizontal flowpack packaging machines, overwrapping (envelope-type) packaging machines, biscuit packaging machines, soap packaging machines, wafer packaging machines, cake packaging machines, horizontal filling and packaging machines for powder, granular and liquid products (sachet-type packages - sealed from 4 edges), filling machines (stick-type packages - sealed from 3 edges), vertical packaging machines with volumetric, auger (screw), linear-balanced, multihead and multi-balanced dosing systems, filling and sealing machines as rotary or linear system, filling & capping & labeling & shrinking lines, thermoform packaging machines, fruit & vegtable auto-dosing and clipping machines, single or double twisting machines, high-capacity candy cutting and packaging machines, halva production and packaging line, bottle labeling machines (with gluing), doypack type (with zipper and capping option) horizontal form fill and seal machines, biscuit cream sandwiching machines and powdered sugar mill. Girisim Machinery also implements automated product feeding systems in the packaging processes and ensures that the packaging machines perform in high capacities in synchronization with the production line. Girisim Machinery is capable to fulfill any specific projects demanded by the customers. Girisim Makina is one of the leading companies which has a wide range of product list, takes advantage of technological development on its production process, manufactures custom design machinery upon customers request along with standard machines, supplies solutions for all of the problems about packaging thankful of professional staff. Exporting 90 % productions of Girisim Makina for oversea markets and 36 countries is the result of these attentive works. Determining customer satisfaction and high quality productions as a principle, Girisim Makina continues manufactures untouched by human hands by using advantage of the latest technological developments. All packaging machines are designed and manufactured with the purpose of high speed operation and maximum performance with minimum staff. Girisim Makina is at the point of becoming a global brand and more than ten years of experience proud to serve our valued customers by taking into account customer demands, making R & D activities and continuing its works thankful of machine track which is equipped with high-tech cnc machines, short-term flexible delivery times, high production quality, highly trained and experienced technical staff. Keep in mind that a well-designed and well-packaged product has a significant effect in increasing your sales. Girisim Makina aims to provide customer satisfaction with quick and flexiable after selling services and so performs its difference. Encountered any problem after selling of products and the complaint not be solved remotely, technical support team are delivered within 24 hours for every point within the borders of Turkey. Our technical staff makes installation of product after selling and operator training is given by our company during the process of installation. Our products 1 year, electronic materials used in our products are warranted for a period of two years. In addition, supply of spare parts for our products is possible for a minimum of 10 years.

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