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Guangzhou D. L.D (DELUNDA) CHEMICALS CO., LTD is a professional supplier reliable supplier for all kinds of chemical raw materials that can be widely to use in paint grade( titanium dioxide, iron oxide, lithopone, zinc oxidem, barium sulphate etc) and rubber grade ( carbon black, stearic acid, rubber Antioxidant, rubber Accelerator etc )and detergent grade ( caustic soda , STPP, SHMP, SLES, LABSA , CMC etc) and water treatment(aluminum sulphate15.8%, 16%, 17%, PAC 28%, 29%,30% ,31% etc) as well as organic chemical (HEC, HPMC,CMC , PP, LDPE, HDPE, PAM, PAC etc) and to export Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Spanish, Saudi Arabia etc. In long history of experience in inorganic and organic chemicals fields and friendly establishing business realitionship with thousands of factories of china, D.L.D has attained leading positions in many countries. Sales volume exceeds 12,000tons, mainly exporting to Southeast Asia, South America, Middle east, Europe and so on. Basing on the principle of "Best quality, Competitive Price & Best Service", D. L.D will continuously promote herself, improve the quality and serve customers. We are also confident that you will find D. L.D Chemicals to be a preferred and valued supplier. If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us. e-mail: info (at) dldchem dot com

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