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Every entrepreneurs hope his tomorrow will be more successful than his yesterday, Tafigh word is from Arabic, it means success. Guangzhou Tafigh Import and Export (will be shortened Tafigh Co.) is a new established private company in august 2012, it’s main business is seamless carbon pipe, UF membrane and cartridge of water filter, equipment and technology’s import and export, and also other products, beside finish purchasing, booking container, consignment, apply to customs and translate service. Tafigh Co. as first class export agent and copartner of Yancheng Steel Tube will supply to big pipe trader and pipe machining company high quality products according to international standard around world side. It will try It’s best to give his customer best service using super-speed, super-exact way, until arrive to “good quality and perfect price”, make every buyer approving. Water-filter material, in this filed Tafigh Co. Cooperates with the famous manufacture “Litree” very well, and do international marketing together, and make “Tafigh Mark” water filter products, try their best to let more world people drink clean and healthful water. The main salesmen of Tafigh are professionals who have international trading experience, because of their hard work Tafigh Co. has started it's business contact with some companies in world side including Middle East. It’s sure that these young men will bring young Tafigh Co. more power. People-oriented, Professional and technical, integrity trading, Mutual benefit and win-win results, development is target, development is hard truth, Tafigh import and export will try It’s best to do contribution for higher aim of china-world business

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