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Gulseven Tekstil which started its activities by producing yarn, the main raw material of carpets, for the industry’s leading companies by establishing integrated yarn plant in 1997, has successfully maintained this mission through many years by means of its quality products. It has brought the Gulseven Hali brand to the sector by combining its knowledge and experience gained in this process with the integrated electronic and computerized carpet facility investment, and started to produce wall to wall carpets as well as the yarn. Gulseven Hali, aiming at a more advanced level of reputation it has gained as a yarn manufacturer in the industry with its new brand, continues its activities with the awareness that a quality product emerges using quality materials. The quality of the services it provides in production, sales and after sales processes with the characteristics of the material had been used, is the largest contributor for Gulseven Hali to achieve its target of becoming the industry leader.

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