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HAKART COPPER & BRASS MANUFACTURING INC. is a family established firm, which have been continuing this traditional art in Anatolia for five generations and enlivening the profession of their ancestors. Many different kinds of copper and brass decorative items are manufactured in our company. As raw materials, old, used copper kitchenware items are collected from all over Anatolia, and after restoration presented to our customers. In addition to old coppers, we produce new decorative items, garden furniture, table-ware, copper kitchen-ware; hand tin-lined heavy-duty for gourmet cooking; from solid copper and brass discs and plates. Presently, we have about 2000 different items in our production range. Also our craftsman’s are able to produce your special designs. As addition to Copper and brass items, Hakart exports wooden and iron decorative items and earthenware Jars. Similar to old copper items these products are collected from all over Anatolia therefore, they carry Anatolian Culture of the area. Each of these items are ambassadors of Anatolian Culture. All of our products are handcrafted. We are exporting 80 % of our production to many different countries, these countries are almost all of E.C..In the east Japan, to west Chile.

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