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HANIF CABLE which is the one of the leading companies in the electric cable production sector , was established in Malatya in 2014. Our company has been exporting to more than 40 countries. All of our manufacturing operations which is built on 18,500 m2 area , continues in our modern and integrated plant. As one of the most respected cable manufacturers, you, for our valued customers, we notice high-quality cables, technical support, reasonable price and the ability to deliver in a short time . These values also contribute to increase the number of our customers who supply our continuity and our international trade cable. HANIF CABLE is to follow recent technological developments since its establishment in order to serve the needs of customers with high quality. Customer-focused thinking , commitment to excellence , responsibility, reliability, honesty, frankness and sense of justice based trade are HANIF CABLE‘s indispensable values. These values are our basic principles. We believe that these values are principles that we must be maintained. In our modern and integrated production facility where we employ qualified technical staff,we have already managed to complete in our all activities HAR, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TSE standards and RoHS directives for all the principles , rules and regulations. HANIF CABLE produces annual 2000 tons of copper wire and with a processing capacity of 4,000 tons of PVC granules mainly harmonized and PVC insulated wire, low-voltage energy cable , XLPE insulated power cables and halogen free cables. As a reflection of our company’s policy , to continue our success in the cable industry and reliability, to be sensitive to changing customer demands , we follow the developments in the industry. Which operates in many countries in various sectors, employing staff more than a thousand on site and the trade volume over $ 50 million “HANIF GROUP” A connected “HANIF CABLE” was established in 2013 as a Turkish-Arab partnership in Gaziantep. In a short time it has become one of the few cable manufacturers in the Middle East and it moved to Malatya in 2014 to meet the heavy demand. HANIF CABLE with quality understanding and vision closely followed developments in the sector has reached 14,000 m² open area of 4500 m2 new factory established 3,322,243 kg of copper, 692 134 kg of aluminum, 8.0028 million kg of plastic consumption capacity and production capacity of 12,017,177 kg of cable in the second organized industrial zone in Malatya. Production is carried out using the latest technological advances methods and suitable machinery with experience in the field by a team of about 100 expert. National and international supervisory bodies, the results to be made periodically audits such as ISO , TSE and KEMA quality certificates is an expression of confidence shown to the products and to HANIF CABLE brand. HANIFE CABLE can manufacture according to international and local standards as well as the products produced according to special customer specifications and requirements. Products are tested at each stage of production and using modern test equipment to be delivered to customers during the final checks, especially of high-quality good HANIF CABLE, more than 90 percent of production exports to 40 countries through the agency of Malatya ,Gaziantep ,Istanbul to across the country and Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Syria, Libya, Algeria and Turkmenistan, the company also sells t

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