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With 15 years in the coiffeur furniture industry,renewing it self with each passing day,Hanoglu has been operating in the direction to turn the elegance of firnuture to the affordable presentation.From the date of establishment,Under implements ''factory shop'' strategy,which is rare in coiffeur furniture sector,in real terms.There is a structure growing every day in the line of ''an attractive sales price of firnuture can be with quality ''.This increase in volume ,due to the good infrastructure,gave continuous dynamic to the company rather than clumsiness.Hanoglu makes serial production of coiffeur furniture and chairs in their own workshop and factorie and the point it came to in the field of modular furniture significantly exceededs the quality standard of fabricated products of coiffeur furniture industry .Quickly and accurately approach of Hanoglu on customer satisfaction after sales in accordance with sales quotas is the biggest factor in the rapid growth of the company's customer portfolio.

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