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Our company, HAT MAKINA SANAYI TICARET (HAT MACHINERY INDUSTRY & TRADING) was founded in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkiye by Mr. Turan YILDIZ, Mechanical Engineer (M. Sc.), who was the Founder Chief of the Technical and Project Managers in a few dierent industrial cosmetics manufacturing companies in Turkiye until 1998, based on 25 years of professional experiences on installment, maintanence and renewation / modernisation of machinery plants for production lines of industiral companies. The mission of our company is to serve our valuable customers and any industrial companies with the most purposeful – the most optimized and the best qualied industrial manufacturing plants combining with the advanced technological electro-mechanical and pneumatic equipments as compact as possible solution for their production lines in FOOD, CHEMISTRY, COSMETICS, CLEANING and PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES. The vision of HAT MAKINA is rstly to understand the actual needs of the valuable customers and then to oer the most appropriate innovative and distinctive customer-oriented solutions to improve the capacity of their productional potentials with the best workmenship of its well-talented, well-motivated and open-minded professional technician team. To sum up, HAT MAKINA continues manufacturing private and special oers for the following list below: - 50 - 4000 Liters of VACUUMIZED / NON-VACUUMIZED / COLD / HOT PROCESS for LIQUID MIXING / CREAM MAKING TANKS / BOILERS / MIXERS, - 100 - 5000 Liters of LIQUID STORAGE TANKS, - FULL AUTOMATIC PLEAT WRAPPING MACHINES for Round Hotel Soaps, WC Blocks, etc., - SEMI AUTOMATIC HOTEL SOAP FORMING & PRESSING MACHINES for 15 - 30 gr. SOAPS, - MANUAL SOAP BARS FORMING & PRESSING MACHINES for 50 - 150 gr. SOAPS, - SEMI AUTOMATIC LIQUID FILLING & CAPPING MACHINES for LOW-VOLUMED BOTTLES (for Hotel Amenities, etc.), - PNEUMATIC LIQUID FILLING MACHINES, - SEMI AUTOMATIC LIQUID FILLING & CAPPING MACHINES with CONVEYOR BELT, - SEMI AUTOMATIC ROTARY TRAY-TYPE LIQUID FILLING MACHINES, - ROTARY COLLECTION TABLES, - PNEUMATIC LIFTING HOMOGENIZERS & SAWTOOTH MIXERS, - LABORATORY HOMOGENIZERS, - V-TYPE POWDER MIXERS, - FULL AUTOMATIC DEPILATORY WAX STRIPS MANUFACTURING LINES, - FULL AUTOMATIC GAUZE ROLLING MACHINES, - SEMI AUTOMATIC POWDER FILLING MACHINES with LOAD CELL SCALING SYSTEMS, - FULL AUTOMATIC ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE WIRE WINDING MACHINES, - FULL AUTOMATIC HORIZONTAL LIQUID AROMA SPRAYING MIXERS, - SCREW ELEVATORS for POWDER & GRANULAR PRODUCTS, - SEMI AUTOMATIC INJECTOR / SYRINGE FILLING MACHINES for DESKTOP-USE, - DIAPRAGHM LIQUID TRANSFER PUMPS, - FULL AUTOMATIC PAPER CAKE CUP FORMING & MAKING MACHINES, - AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL INOX TRANSPALLETS, - 300 LITRES of AISI 304 / 316L STAINLESS STEEL INOX BARRELS / DRUMS. We are sure that we are the well-expected solution partner for you on what your production lines need. Best Regards. Mr. TURAN YILDIZ. Mechanical Engineer (M. Sc.)

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