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With over 45 years of experience, “IKRA GROUP” continues to be one of the top leading Stainless Steel Cookware manufactures located in Turkey, Kahramanmaras. Manufacturing for over 40 countries worldwide, We Are excited to enter our Premier brand name within your market as well. With over 14,000 square meters of cutting edge technology, we have a daily production capacity of 30,000 pieces of a wide ranged authentic selection of stainless steel kitchen cookware. Every one of our 650 employees are trained for 100% customer satisfaction, promising you and your esteemed company competitive pricing as well as the requested delivery time. Every, PREMIER Cookware comes with a 25 year manufacture guarantee. Our mission is to continue and maintain a high quality stainless steel (304 - AISI certified 18cr/10ni) production. Approved and certified by; TUV, CE, TSE, ISO 9001:2000 and FDA © (Food and Drug Administration), Our companies mission promises, an easy to maintain, rub-proof surface, acid resistance and a resistant to the change of temperature allowing the heat to be stored and distributed evenly for a longer time, saving energy and giving a great taste in our kitchens. Premieres sophisticated 3 layer design is suitable for all modern energy sources including induction tops. Our aluminum encapsulated impact-bonded bottom gives our product more durability over our competitors.

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