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In April 2006 IMER-L&T was established at Aksaray to produce concrete truck mixers in partnership with IMER Group, which is one of the leading industrial companies of Europe, together with Senior Mechanical Engineer Metin Uygur. In a very short time, the production plants, with an annual production capacity of 2000 state-of-the-art technology truck mixers, became one of the leading truck mixer producer in Europe. The production plants work under conditions respecting the ecological and environment norms, respecting the limit of the noise level and the expulsion of dust and fumes. The design of the mixers is customer oriented done by an efficient and flexible organization of R&D, which is then produced with efficiency and with a high qualitystandard, with a sales that is explicitly structured and with a memorable service of the ASS units. After Sale Services Unit ensures that the customers’ needs of spare part and service are met immediately. With the top quality and dedicated staff enables the company to reach a high performance level, allowing it to be reliable and to have an innovative design. IMER-L&T is at the same time superstructure production company approved by Mercedes-BenzTurk Inc, Ford Automotive Industry Inc., MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. and Renault Trucks.

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