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Karbonoks Ltd. has been established in 2000 for the purpose of to provide the best quality and technical service facilities for you the esteemed industrialists and soon became one of the industry's leading companies Karbonoks Ltd. has moved into new place and has an area 8000 m2 accomplished that the quality and delivery in a short time at the forefront of the pipe fitting elements of production activities as we added new machines ; 1200 ton pres, 1500 ton pres to our plant. Karbonoks Ltd. is committed to providing the best services and qualitiy with wide product range until tickness of ½``- 48`` DN15 - DN 1200 2mm -100mm wall thickness, 1 seam Tee, 2 seam elbow, as well as in area of stock and production. Our company is very competitive at heavywall butweld fittings in carbon steel, alloy steel, stanless steel. We are also, do well producer of special radius elbows. Karbonoks Ltd. with its production of standard measurements of carbon-in stainless and alloy steel pipe fitting elements as well as thick wall thickness , as well as carbon-alloy stainless steel pipes in the production of fasteners with the certification of European standards in production in Turkey is the first and only company. Karbonoks Ltd. are existing European origin ASTM / EN / DIN standard carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings in the range of production&stock. Karbonoks Ltd. is officially registered by means of made to exports to The Western European and Middle East countries with success and quality of production in the field of quality and production certification. Karbonoks Ltd. meets the machinery and equipment used in production lines; solution partner, but also as Karbotech Ltd. group of companies.Produced patented, advanced technology and machines with high-quality.. SOME REFERENCES: *TOTAL OIL AS.PLANTS IN TURKEY WPB BUTTWELD FITTINGS AND PIPES ½” TO 14” STD-XS *EGE GAZ AS IZMIR LNG PLANT WPB, 304L, 316L ½” TO 24” STD-XS *A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG. POWER PLANT IN BANDIRMA WPB, WP11, WP22, WP91, 316L BUTTWELD FITTINGS AND PIPES ½” TO 16” STD-XXS *TUPRAS RAFINERIES AS. PLANTS IN IZMIT-IZMIR WPB, WP5, WP11 BUTTWELD FITTINGS AND PIPES ½” TO 24” STD-XXS *FOSTER WHEELER US APPROVAL FOR NEVADA SOLAR POWER PLANT WPB BUTTWELD FITTINGS FOR BOILERS 12” x SCH140 - SCH160

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